Euphoria – Beyond Binarism

8 transgender artists share their connection to the theme of the show: a journey beyond binarism, and the obstacles society has forced upon them. Our goal is to educate the viewer to the difficulties and injustices that a trans person has to face in everyday life, and at the same time, to show the beauty of discovering our real identity.

Euphoria means joy, an experience Transgender and Non-Binary individuals feel by presenting and expressing themselves as the gender they identify with. It is a term all the community is emotionally connected to, and a feeling we constantly seek.

It is important to highlight the contrast with the word Dysphoria: a word used to describe the distress of a trans person toward their body for not matching their gender identity. In Italy, it has been medically considered a mental illness until 2018, and today we still denounce the lack of support from public healthcare, and almost total disinterest from the media.

These two opposite emotions are the reasons today we are proud to present this project: an event born from a public bench vandalized with the following words:

“Every day I see how the trans community is ignored, even by other LGBTQ + members. We are always humiliated, and murdered. I’m tired of being hidden and having to go out at night to have my say only on the walls of the city. Look around and open your eyes. We are always among you but often hidden. Talk about us, listen to us, embrace and love us.”

Today we invite everyone to leave a mark on the bench, and finally dedicate a few words to us.

4-7 December 2021 / Spazio Ex Fornace / Milan, Italy

Curated by: Simona Coltello

PH: Arthur Buoso

Simona Coltello
Arthur Buoso
Rachele De Niro
M. Mainetti
Bad Rng