Simona Coltello

Becoming an artist is not a choice. In Simona’s life it is equivalent to an instinct for survival, to escape from a humiliating and oppressive social and work environment. Painting, photography, sculpture, filming, music: multiple are her interests and ways of expressing herself.

Simona’s ongoing photography project witnesses and portrays the transfeminist fights and protests in the streets of Milan. Blur, Movement and Confusion are key words of her photographic “paintings”, which transmit and emphasize the emotions felt by the participants.

In Grigiə, Simona eliminates all the traces of her digital identity, to confront the doubts and insecurities of her transition without external influences. At the same time she cryptically recounts her experiences and educates the reader to conceive her, not as a woman or a man, but as a person. Only one color is used for all her projects: a completely expressionless shade of gray, which does not allow imagination of the artist’s appearance. The project was displayed exclusively at the exhibition Euphoria: Beyond Binarism (December 2021, Milan).