Arthur Buoso

Arthur Buoso [He/They – lui] is a 22-year-old transmasc non-binary photographer.
Born in Padua, at 19 years old he moved to Florence to then graduate in
«Photography and New Media» in May 2021.
He currently works and resides in Milan, where – after the exhibition “Euphoria:
Beyond Binarism” – started collaborating with the transfeminist art collective

Less than two years ago he founded «Masculin Féminin» (@masculinfemininproject
on Instagram), a long-term documentary project about Trans* and Non Binary people
living in Italy, reached from time to time in their city or met halfway.
By challenging cis-hetero-normativity and the concepts of ‘masculine’ and
‘feminine’, his project explores queer identities, while also celebrating their beauty.

As a trans* artist, being able to capture different gender expressions is both an
honour and a sacred, delicate activity. In fact, portraying queer subjects is a way to
convey all the thoughts and emotions he bottled up for years.
By documenting their gender-non-conforming narratives, he also speaks for himself.