Pessima Vol.0 – Witches Edition

Pessima is proud to release the prototype to our yearly magazine, that aims to involve the most influential and talented Transgender artists of the year.

We believe that a magazine of Trans* perspective is crucial for our community. Our goal is to create a network in which we are able to support, economically and artistically, emerging Trans* artists while we grow as a collective. We already had the opportunity to interact with many interesting sensibilities, forming a connection that goes both ways: We grow as we help and are helped to grow.

We understood that involving some of the artists we get inspired from in our projects is just as important as discovering new emerging artists from the trans youth, with whom we feel such a strong connection. As young Trans* artists ourselves, we are constantly empowered and recharged by interacting with the intimacies of Trans* art and truly believe in the importance of shaping our magazine as a point of convergence for everyone who needs it.

Artists Involved: Anthromorph, Kiki B.G., 333 coconutz, Enya Ruggieri, Leonardo Lomurno, Simona Coltello, Leah Simmons, J.W. Antic, Caio Tripodi, Noah/Andhromeda, Lorenzo Migliore, Lisa Zambetta, Grace Martella, Neneedle, Marte Gastaldello, Sofi Lopez Arredondo, Eli Caro, Charlieloopuyt, F3lixculpa, Luceintermittente, Laddovepiove, Solodimartedi, Plant_eater2, Sonnorem, Ant100000000, Daigoro, Susanna Quartesan, Hellcatarsis, Mirta Cerioli.

“This magazine is a project born out of Simo and Marte’s need for money. We do not have any passion, we just wanna survive. Please support Pessima and we will be able to give more jobs to Trans* and Non Binary people, and maybe in the future build a safe and friendly workplace. We really wanna get out of Marte’s apartment . We have one desk where we eat and work at the same time. Everything is greesy but at least we always have snacks.”

Milled paperback – 252 pages – A4