LOTTA is a photographic fanzine, the pictures come from a collection of photographs that I took in a 2 years span where I followed closely the struggles of the logistics workers in northern Italy. They aren’t just a testimony of under-reported internal conflict, depicted in a grimy and stained black & white, they also are pure manifestations of today’s working class aesthetic.

The world of images is manipulated and shaped by ideology. Ideology is a completely unconscious matter and it functions as a series of spontaneous socio-symbolic justifications and rituals that support the virtual authorities of the system: the patriarchal family, the capitalist system, the class society. Without a revolutionary change in each one of us, a change that must lead to the overthrow of the present economic system and social structures, we are all destined to die with the planet. This change must also happen in art, It must guide the desire for redemption and the total rejection of resignation. Art should make the public want to change their condition by breaking with passivity and the present.

The materials of modern art, which today are totally subject to a relentless market logic, must now leave room for new expressions of a class that wants to respond to all kinds of violence and oppression.

These are its testimonies.