The name əkwɛrɪəm recalls the term water and queer, referring to the need for visibility of the LGBTQAI + community. For the artist it is an attempt to be the spokesperson for a narrative that has the Salento’s environment as cultural and photographic background.

The project collects 2 years of very crucial works, since they represent the opportunity of the artist to experience the awareness of being a transgender person, the relationship with their body and the emotions of belonging to a community.

The representation of their body seems to dissolve in the narrative, to indicate the act of recognizing oneself in other people’s photographed bodies, and belonging to a community and its spaces.

“In the sequence, the pages of the diary seem to run after each other. In these empty spaces, I was looking for myself, to highlight the suffering derived from the experience of not being able to find references

50 copies of the zine are available in the following format: 46 pages, A5, stapled