Anthromorph – SpazioSERRA

Anthromorph is a multidisciplinary artist based in London and Greece.

Creating hybrid animal forms of silicone exoskeletons, the human flesh is abstracted and altered into a more accurate perception of the self. The healing and self-discovery process enhances an art research and performance: reconnecting to a primitive state of the organic world becomes now vital for the artist. 

The silicon masks are beings inhabiting the venue space, that work together in the building of a narrative path. The elements on the floor echo the strong relationship Anthromorphs have with their natural environment, while the screen at the center generates a material contrast with the rest of the pieces. 

The film displayed, “Unity”, presents a rework of the creation myth. As multicellular organisms that are growing through their unity and co-dependent symbiosis, 8 cells have now emerged from one: they all have different features referencing patterns of life on Earth and, with their dance, they symbolize the power of unity through collectivity.

23-25 September 2022 / SpazioSERRA, Milan

PH: @emafalonz