LGBTQIACAB — Simona Coltello

Simona’s ongoing photography project witnesses and portrays the transfeminist fights and protests in the streets of Milan. Blur, Movement and Confusion are key words of her photographic “paintings”, which transmit and emphasize the emotions felt by the participants.

“I believe it is interesting to explain how Transgender and Non Binary inhabitants of Milan, myself included, are reacting to Pride Month during the past years. 

Each year we feel less and less welcomed and have lost interest in participating. We believe that our rights are not fought for and our cause is forgotten, pushing us to find an alternative.

Marciona (in italian, a play on the words Rotten and March) is a transfemminist network of collectives that aim to truly represent queer people’s interest, far away from sponsors, formality and money that have caused Pride to rot. Through their events, gatherings and protests, they are motivated to demand change without these filters, and bring back the lost sense of community.”

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