Stefano Melissa

Stefano Melissa (1999) is a visual artist born and raised in Milano. Here, she attended the course of sculpture at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and started her artistic research under the influence of Realismo Capitalista (M. Fisher) and Testo Tossico (P. B. Preciado). After her Milanese experiences in institutional and underground cultural spaces, she moved to Bruxelles to bring on her hybrid artistic practice made of performative installations, sculptures, curatorial projects, DJ sets (under the name of Tafania), and independent publications.

The “exasperation devices” she puts on aim to hack the imaginary widespread by neoliberal, heteronormative, bourgeois, and dominant narratives. Her aesthetic approach works through accumulation, redundancy, ambiguity, and re-contextualization to bring to the surface the fetishistic, pornographic, or subversive instance present yet suppressed, inside some objects owned by the systems of identity production.