Lisa Zambetta

Born in Milan in 2000, Lisa Zambetta graduated in 2019 from the art school in Pavia and continued their studies at NABA in the course of Painting and Visual Arts.

Their artistic research is based on the curiosity to learn, often generated by an immediate and intimate impulse. Their works often portray a character’s ambiguity that confronts the apparent simplicity and brazen declaration of the imagination. In fact, it is a question of constructing a multidisciplinary imaginary in order to illustrate a sincere and new reading.

The use of poor, easy to use materials also emphasizes the aspect, in which the realization of the object must be fast because it necessarily needs to exist.

The frenzy, the adrenaline and the curiosity to see the work completed becomes part of the production process.

The artist’s intimate impulse is to build and shape something in physical format. The construction allows the removal of the primary thought. It starts from a personal need and precisely to become, during the realization, also of others, of them.