Leonardo Lomurno

Leonardo Lomurno is a 22 years old visual creator. She was born in Apulia, where she ended her formative studies. In 2019 he moved to Bologna, where he currently lives and studies Cinema and Visual art at the Fine Arts Academy.
She approches analog photography at the age of fifteen, later moved to digital photography, finding an uncertain equilibrium between video and still images.

‘’Through my work I continually try to explore new versions of myself and what surrounds me. The intent is to achieve a new corporeality and identity that swings between virtual and real world that I can reach combining photography and digital manipulation.
The choice of my subjects is always intentional, they are always close ones, with whom i can realize an idea of belonging and a common sense of existing.
This makes my projects intimate and universal at the same time, creating parallel and caothic scenaries, where we can reborn in a new liquid form‘’